Pamper with Pampas

As a youngster in the late 1970’s, my family home had a massive clump of Pampas Grass in the corner of the lawn. In true 70’s style, mum cut down some stems which were then displayed in a floor vase in our entrance hall, against the wood panelled wall.

How ironic that both of these features, have stormed Instagram and Pinterest 50 years later.  She must have been ahead of her time!

Fast forward to the here and now – 2020-21 – who’d have believed these showy grasses would achieve viral status online.  It’s hard to imagine a “cool” home without at least one pampas grass display bringing that boho vibe with it’s feathery fronds.

Neutral and natural, it easily fits into so many decorative schemes – not to mention adding an unexpected dash of texture and interest for a small amount of money.


Scientific name is CORTADERIA SELLOANA [the humble pampas!]

Pampas Grass - Cream

Pampas Grass - Natural

Why bring sass with grass to your home?

What versatile ways can I use pampas ?


  • Ideal to fill an awkward empty corner
  • Curve stems into a wreath for something more textural on the wall
  • Makes the perfect pair-up with other dried flowers like bunny tails [lagurus]
  • Great shape to add structure and length/height to an organic arrangement
  • Ideal as stunning stand-out blooms  against an on-trend dark grey/deep blue painted wall
  • Conversely, it’s the perfect neutral with minimalistic white/beige décor
  • As warm natural tones like sand, taupe and gentle browns make an earthy resurgence in 2021, these grassy stalks add a lush gentle texture perfectly
  • Superb way to bridge the gap between the white/grey modernism of the 2010’s and the warmer neutrals of the 2020’s
  • And finally…… get your partner to fan you with them on a hot day whilst feeding you grapes!

Top tip

When your grasses arrive, give them a quick blast with the hair dryer.  This fluffs up your fronds after being cooped up in packaging, then lightly spray with hairspray to minimise shedding

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